Discovery Completion and Project Kick-off

Robust discovery and planning form the bedrock of successful projects at Imaginovation. But once initial discovery concludes, how does the journey progress? 

This resource will explore the crucial stages between discovery completion and project kick-off, highlighting key deliverables, alignment processes, and team roles.

Discovery Completion Phase

The discovery phase aligns Imaginovation and clients on product goals, user needs, and capabilities required. It culminates with essential documents packaged together as deliverables.

Discovery kicks off with an intensive 2-day onsite workshop to establish vision. Next, two in-depth OOUX workshops identify core objects, attributes, interactions, and behaviors crucial for the product domain.

Insights uncovered feed into drafting a comprehensive project proposal. This proposal provides detailed scoping on features, timelines, costs, team composition, and legal terms.

Key discovery phase deliverables include:

  • Product Requirements Document (PRD): Specifies all product features, technical architecture, content, integrations, and other elements.
  • Object-Oriented UX Document: Models all critical objects, attributes, relationships, and user interactions within the system.
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes: Initial user interface sketches conveying basic layouts (as applicable).
  • Project Schedule: Detailed phases, milestones, sprints, and timelines from start to completion.
  • Final Costs Sheet: All professional fees, licensing, infrastructure, travel, and other estimated costs.

These documents become the north star guiding product design. They ensure capabilities map back to agreed upon requirements.

Transitioning to Project Kick-off

Before entering the project kick-off phase, Imaginovation submits all discovery deliverables to clients for feedback and approval. 

The client's core team thoroughly reviews the PRD, OOUX diagrams, schedules, and cost estimates. Imaginovation incorporates requested changes in an iterative fashion until formal sign-off.

This approval gate syncs all stakeholders on priorities before design starts. With the green light, the project transitions into the exciting kick-off and elaboration phase.

Project Kick-off Phase

The kick-off marks the start of transforming plans into tangible products through design. Imaginovation's design, dev, and PM teams shift into high velocity during kick-off.

Key milestones include:

  • Wireframe Presentation: UX lead presents detailed wireframes conveying user flows and screen layouts based on OOUX models.
  • Prototype: A Figma prototype is shared, simulating product behavior for hands-on review.

The project manager keeps activities on-track for on-time delivery of these deliverables, enabling development to commence.

Roles and Responsibilities  

Delivering seamlessly on kick-off milestones involves coordinated efforts across Imaginovation teams:

  • Project Manager: Oversees planning, schedules, risks, and cross-functional collaboration.  
  • UX/UI Designers: Bring designs to life through wireframes, visuals, and interactive prototypes.
  • Developers: Build core technical architecture and integrate solutions with client systems.
  • Business Analysts: Ensure product ties back to business goals throughout kick-off.

Our seasoned teams enable smooth sailing from discovery to development, transforming plans into products.


In summary, comprehensive discovery completion provides the robust base for Imaginovation to craft tailored digital solutions for clients. Seamless transition into the focused kick-off phase leads to rapid design iterations and prototypes. 

Our cross-functional teams thrive on realizing client visions with precision during each phase. To explore Imaginovation’s end-to-end process firsthand, contact us today!