Generating a Project Proposal for The Client

Aligning with client expectations and requirements from the very start is crucial for any project’s success. At Imaginovation, a key step in fostering this alignment is creating a well-crafted project proposal document. 

This resource will explore Imaginovation’s process for generating customized proposals.

Initial Steps Towards Creating a Project Proposal

Every proposal starts with an introductory call between the client and Imaginovation’s Business Development team. This call establishes rapport, gathers preliminary information on goals and scope, and sets the stage for a more detailed technical scoping workshop.

Next, the scoping workshop is conducted, led by Imaginovation’s Senior Project Manager and Director of Growth. This intensive 2-3 hour working session covers the client’s specific needs, priorities, constraints, use cases, and relevant documents in-depth. Whiteboard sketching and open Q&A facilitate productive discussions. 

Notes from the intro call and scoping workshop provide the foundation for the proposal.

Key Elements of a Project Proposal 

With information gathered from discovery, Imaginovation’s proposal contains four key sections:

  • Scope Overview: High-level description of the agreed upon features, functionality, integrations, content, and other requirements.
  • Cost: A detailed breakdown of all estimated costs including professional fees, licensing, infrastructure, travel, and other expenses. 
  • Timeline: Comprehensive time estimations mapped to each phase, from planning through development, QA, training, and post-launch support.
  • Team: Proposed resourcing plan indicating team composition, roles, effort allocation, and bios of key members.

Additionally, the proposal contains terms and conditions, payment schedules, IP rights clauses, and other legal elements for formalizing the engagement.

Customization Process of a Project Proposal

Every Imaginovation proposal is tailored to match the unique needs and situation of each client. Customization happens in two key phases:

  • Requirements Gathering: We encourage clients to share as much relevant information as possible including strategic plans, requirements documents, workflows, and data. Thorough information enables accurate scoping.
  • Document Compilation: All details from discovery are compiled into a master document. The project manager uses this to craft a proposal matching the client’s specifications within constraints.

Setting proper expectations upfront ensures the proposal hits the sweet spot between the ideal and the practical.

Addressing Feedback and Making Revisions

Once the initial proposal is submitted, Imaginovation welcomes feedback and change requests from clients. 

The client’s primary point of contact shares feedback over email or via meetings. Imaginovation’s project team then evaluates which modifications are feasible within project boundaries. 

For example, if the initial cost estimate exceeds the client’s budget, the team explores scaling down certain features or leveraging more junior resources to reduce pricing. 

Revised proposals contain a change log summarizing updates. Iterative proposal refinement aims to reach mutual alignment.

Overcoming Common Challenges 

Imaginovation leverages experience navigating two frequent challenges:

Insufficient Information: Despite best efforts, clients may not share enough details to accurately estimate effort for all aspects upfront. In such cases, Imaginovation makes reasonable assumptions based on past projects of similar scope and calls out uncertainties.

Unrealistic Expectations: Some clients have incorrect assumptions about costs or timelines that diverge greatly from Imaginovation recommendations. We conduct open conversations to realign understandings.

Ultimately, Imaginovation seeks to craft proposals that meet client goals while setting realistic mutual expectations. Our seasoned team is adept at overcoming common pitfalls.


A well-crafted proposal aligns Imaginovation and our clients while setting the proper foundation for project success. With customized scoping, collaborative discovery, and iterative refinement, we produce proposals tailored to each client’s unique needs and constraints. This results in smooth project execution and delighted clients.

To learn more about Imaginovation’s project proposal process and how we can deliver success for your business, schedule a call today or explore our website.