What is OOUX Methodology and How It’s Implemented

Imaginovation constantly experiments with innovative methodologies to enhance our design and development processes. A standout is the OOUX methodology, which focuses on modeling complex digital systems around user goals and object interactions.

This resource will dive into what OOUX entails and how Imaginovation leverages it to craft tailored solutions for clients.

Understanding OOUX Methodology

OOUX, or Object-Oriented User Experience, is a methodology for designing digital products and experiences centered around objects. OOUX examines how users think about concrete objects, their attributes, and how they interact. 

By mapping relationships between objects, OOUX enables modeling of complex workflows and behaviors essential for enterprise apps and IoT systems. The methodology forces clarity on objects upfront before design specifics.

Unlike goal or task-focused methods like user story mapping, OOUX is UI/UX agnostic. The object modeling lens gives flexibility to later explore different interaction modes and interfaces. This agnosticism also makes OOUX well-suited for omni-channel experiences. 

Implementing OOUX at Imaginovation

At Imaginovation, every OOUX engagement kicks off with intense collaborative workshops between our teams and clients. 

In the 1st workshop, participants identify key objects, their attributes, associations, and hierarchies critical to the product domain. Whiteboard sketching and sticky notes enable rapid ideation.

The 2nd workshop focuses on mapping object interactions and behaviors to achieve user and system goals. User tasks/flows emerge from the object models organically.

These highly interactive workshops foster alignment between clients and Imaginovation around product purpose and capabilities. The object maps form the foundation for subsequent design and development.

Benefits of OOUX Methodology

OOUX delivers several advantages that enable Imaginovation to craft tailored digital solutions:

  • Precision - Explicitly mapping objects and interactions early prevents improper assumptions that undermine quality. OOUX provides guardrails for development.
  • Efficiency - With objects modeled upfront, actual UI/UX design progresses faster. Change is also minimized, enhancing development velocity.
  • Flexibility - OOUX's agnosticism allows exploring multiple options for UX flows, interfaces, and technical implementations.
  • Personalization - The collaborative workshops produce solutions matching clients' unique needs, issues, and language.

Clients consistently highlight efficiency, quality, and fit from our OOUX approach. For example, after an OOUX engagement, Fun Services' COO called the resulting wireframes "a perfect translation of our workflow."

Challenges and Solutions

Of course, OOUX also poses some challenges Imaginovation carefully navigates:

  • Time Investment- The intensive upfront analysis requires commitment. For tight timelines, we modularize analysis and focus on critical objects.
  • Overcomplication- The object focus can lead to over-engineering if not grounded in genuine user needs. Our UX experts keep the user perspective.
  • Scope Creep- Detailed planning can reveal extra objectives. We curtail this through rigorous change control processes post-workshops.

OOUX in Action - Fun Services Project 

One recent success highlights OOUX efficacy at Imaginovation. For a mobile POS system for Fun Services, OOUX workshops revealed objects like Customers, Orders, Inventory, and Transactions.

Mapping behaviors and relationships between these objects led to an object model encapsulating the essence of the required capabilities. The collaborative environment ensured alignment on priorities upfront.

This foundation then allowed rapid wireframing of intuitive, tailored workflows matching Fun Services’ needs. As COO Doug Blanchard commented, “I’m thoroughly impressed with the wireframes - they capture exactly what we want to build.”

Wrapping Up

OOUX provides a unique perspective for designing complex digital experiences focused on user goals and object interactions. At Imaginovation, OOUX delivers efficiency, personalization, and purpose-built solutions when applied judiciously. It epitomizes our commitment to leveraging innovative methodologies for stellar results.

To learn more about Imaginovation’s OOUX expertise and other differentiators, contact us today or explore our website. Our team looks forward to partnering with you!