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Connecting people is the heart of what the internet is about, and in many instances that connection leads to something greater. 52 Pearls and Imaginovation joined forces to bring together the best dental employees with the perfect dental practice through an easy-to-use web application that helps everyone involved.

The challenge

A major challenge for both job seekers and employers is finding one another. There’s a veritable sea of both job-posters and job-seekers online. Wading through the water can be frustrating for both sides.

With the latest in web technology, we helped the visionaries at 52 Pearls come up with an interface that’s easy to use. Streamlined database management and a custom platform allows this dental office job networking site to attract the highest quality employers and employees. Using a combination of HTML, CSS, JQUERY, PHP and MYSQL , our designers helped 52 Pearls leverage their expertise in the field of dentistry to create a website that gives the industry what it needs.

A marketing site that works

The key to the front end of 52 Pearls is offering concise, but rich information in a format that’s accessible to the three kinds of users – job seekers, employers, and employment services. There’s also clear information for a fourth target user, volunteer dental service providers. A single page home page design is easily readable on mobile devices, where an increasing amount of interaction takes place in the job world.

Strong imagery and compelling copy give users and immediate understanding of the mission of 52 Pearls. That’s important, as a visually appealing web design serves to capture the attention of potential users. Attracting quality employees and employers is an essential function of the front page of 52 Pearls. The service offered here isn’t a direct sale, but rather access to other users. The better quality the users, the more successful everyone will be. That’s why the straightforward, modern marketing page is so critical for 52 Pearls.

52 pearls web app

Simple navigation and useful animation serve to engage and guide users through the front page and towards registration. Despite the need for a great deal of text for communication purposes, the site is easy to understand, thanks to its clean design.

Functional, quality web application

A beautiful marketing website doesn’t mean much without an easy to use back end. 52 Pearls offers multiple registration options for users, including Facebook and LinkedIn single sign on. Users can also register using their email address.

Profile creation in this web application is easy for both job-seekers and job-listers. It’s possible for users to create targeted profiles with ease, including a wide variety of information. Profiles are a core part of the job search process. We worked hard to create 52 Pearls with profile management in mind. Job postings are malleable, allowing businesses to generate short term, long term, temporary or permanent postings. The idea here is that there are lots of different reasons that a dental office might need to hire someone and the 52 Pearls web application can meet all those needs.

The other important part of this application is the search function. Both job-seekers and job-posters can find what they’re looking for by searching geographically, by position, or by experience required. Users can favorite potential matches and save them for the future.

Additional functions include a moderated user forum that allows for specialties to communicate with one another about their profession or business. That community building aspect helps to keep users engaged and active in the app, even when they aren’t actively seeking. There’s also direct messaging incorporated right into the framework of the application, providing security and discretion for users. In-website/app communication is a particularly useful function for all parties involved.

All of this functionality comes in a mobile-friendly format that’s easy to use across devices.

52 pearls ipad website

Both free and premium membership options allow users to get exactly what they need, no matter where they’re at in terms of commitment to the process. Premium functions enrich the ability of service providers and businesses to connect where they need to.

Filling a need in the marketplace

The best web applications fill a need. Traditionally, dental offices and employees connected through clunky newspaper advertisements or word of mouth. Those methods don’t offer the kind of responsiveness and breadth that a web application can and this leads to many missed connections. It’s not easy for employers to find highly trained, reliable employees. It’s also not easy for employees to find high quality, matching employers. 52 Pearls solves these problems and connects the two where they otherwise would have remained lost without one another.

There is so much potential for the technology used to create 52 Pearls. The application offers answers to real world questions like dental office staffing. The key is to make it functional, usable and attractive. This application serves to connect a wide variety of dental professionals, from suppliers to professionals.

We at Imaginovation are proud to have partnered with the experts at 52 Pearls to create a functional and much-needed application for the dental industry. A high-quality front end website to attract high quality users, paired with a back end web application that stands up to the promises of the front end, 52 Pearls works on all fronts. 52 Pearls uses web technology to help businesses meet their hiring needs in addition to helping job-seekers find the perfect fit.

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